5 Ways To Keep Your Resolutions Going Through The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Party
Here is a staggering statistic: According to the National Chicken Council’s 2014 Wing Report, 1.25 billion wings will be devoured during Super Bowl XLVIIII.  Yes-1.25 billion with a B! Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest eating day after Thanksgiving. If you are a football fan and headed to a party there will be lots of food (and most likely of the unhealthy sort) spread out for you to enjoy for hours on end and this just might put a damper on your healthy 2015 plans. If you have been sticking to your New Year’s resolution to stay away from these temptations, here are some helpful tips.
1) Eat before you head out to your party destination. If you are already full when you arrive, you will be less likely to partake in the massive spread of snack foods.
2) Find a spot away from the food table. Get settled in where you will be watching the game and socializing away from the temping treats. If there are some snacks placed near you, pass them around to others to casually remove them from your space.
3) Bring a healthy entree or hors d’oeuvres tray that you will be comfortable eating and that others will enjoy too. Your host and other guests will be thrilled that there are healthier options to choose from.
4) Go out and take a brisk walk or hit the gym before heading to your Super Bowl party. If you get a good workout in before the celebration, you won’t feel too bad about having a few tasty nibbles here and there throughout the game. Just try not to go overboard.
5) Make a plate of all the healthier options you would like to enjoy and do not go back for seconds-and stay away from the chips! You can never eat just one so it is best to just never start!
If you stick to your game plan from the beginning, victory shall be yours whether your team wins or loses! Come Monday you will feel great, won’t have any regrets and will be ready to carry on successfully with your goals for the year! Well at least the next month-baby steps!  Hang in there!  

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