21 Day Spring Detox Challenge - Completed!

Congrats!  We did it! 

 That wasn’t so hard…I’m serious! This has been an amazing experience! I was reminded how easy it is to rid yourself of cravings. I don’t want sugar or caffeine - I want healthy foods!  
Here is my first meal in 21 days - It is the perfect salad! Mixed Greens, Kale, Baby Spinach, cucumber, chick peas, onion, herbs, quinoa, lentils and avocado!   I am looking forward to chewing again and I hope my digestive system is ready to get back to work  - time to turn all this yumminess into energy!  See you again for our Fall Detox!  

21 Day Challenge - Day 18

Almost there!  Only 3 more days!  Lot’s of deep scrubbing going on!   Now that our digestive systems have had such a nice long extended vacation - our immune systems have been free to attack any toxic chemicals, precancerous cells or ailments that needed flushing out! I am sleeping much deeper these past few days and I know my body is working even harder to heal and clear out all the toxins that were deep in my cells. My dry brush, tongue brush and tooth brush have been my dear companions throughout this journey.  As you all know all elimination is good when you are cleansing- we release toxins though breathing, sweating and through our tongues. I have to brush my teeth at least 5 times a day  - which is a good sign that all of this is working!  Everyone has done an amazing job and there is now a light at the end of the tunnel! Hang in there! Feeling amazing and looking forward to a yummy kale and spinach salad! 

21 Day Challenge - Day 14!

This weekend we hit the halfway mark!  Still feeling amazing!  I have been more active lately with my increased energy level! Taking long walks, yoga and pilates classes. I feel happy and more alert. My clothes are fitting better and I skin has that glow.  I decided to re-watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead for some inspiration! If you haven’t seen this documentary - it is worth a watch.  I have a new enthusiasm and I am excited for the next week. I am thinking of all the yummy whole foods and macronutrients I will be consuming after the cleanse. I am looking for new recipes and new ways to prepare these healthy flavorful foods!  I will be sure to share!  Stay strong and keep moving!  

21 Day Challenge - Day 9!

Feeling fantastic! Everything is going well. No big changes. I don’t feel hungry, I’m not missing food, no cravings. I have been out to dinner twice with friends where I just drank juice and water and I didn’t want to eat. I feel more alert, lighter and I feel healthy. My skin feels softer and it looks brighter. I feel like I have the juicing glow going for sure.  The one thing that happens right about now  - is the plateau.  One of the great side effects of juicing is losing weight.  It seems to melt off the first few days. Of course it is mostly water, but then the deeper you go and the more toxins you release, more weight comes off.  Now is the time that it starts to slow down and some may get discouraged.  It is all good.  Your body and your digestive system is so happy right now!  It is thrilled to be doing such a thorough Spring cleaning. More weight will come off soon - just a slower and that is just fine.  I am excited to continue! Hang in there everyone… only 12 more days!

21 Day Challenge - Day 6!

So we all made it through our first weekend!  Here it is day 6 and I feel amazing! I feel completely normal!  I’m not hungry and haven’t had any cravings! I have lost a few pounds and I feel light and have lots of energy.   And I have been sleeping like a baby!  One thing that helps me through this time is making lots plans to do things that don’t involve eating. Going to the movies, taking a hike or long walk with some friends or scheduling a massage or yoga class.  Keep yourself busy and having things to look forward to lessen the focus on food. We are just one third of the way there! Looking forward to the next week!

21 Day Challenge - Day 3!

We are almost through the hardest part of this journey believe it or not!  Every time I cleanse, late in day 2 is my hardest point and this time was no different - I had a rough afternoon and evening - but I am feeling better today.  I am stating to feel it in my skin - all the normal detox symptoms are kicking in!  It is at this time, I realize that this is usually the last day of most of my client’s cleanse experience - most people do 3 days at a time. It makes me feel sad because the real cleansing is just beginning!  We are just getting started and if you can hold on until day 6, you will be amazed at how great you feel and it will be easier for you to continue!

21 Day Juicing Challenge!

21 day juice cleanse logoWe’re kicking off our 21-Day Juicing Challenge with a great group! We’ll do some blogging along the way and posting here to let you know how it goes! There’s still time to join. Email us today if you want in! [email protected]



What a beautiful day it is to start a cleanse! I always love the first day!

colada greensI started the day with he Seasonal Here and Now - our Colada Greens!  I especially love this new recipe - it is so refreshing and hydrating!  I had meetings this morning and many people asked about my green concoction and when I told them I was starting a 21 -Day Juice cleanse, there were many looks of surprise. Some were dumbfounded. Usually when I share the news, people start to wonder if they could do it.   It makes them pause.

One of the most important things about starting a juice cleanse or any new health program is letting your friends and loved ones and co-workers know what your plans and goals are so that they can be supportive.  They will understand why you aren’t going to be able to go to dinners, Happy Hours, etc.   Not that you can’t attend functions with green juice in hand, but sometimes we are not feeling our best when we are cleansing and we want to keep it low-key.  Hopefully those close to you will understand.

It is always easy to get through the first day for me - I feel upbeat, excited and energetic.  Congrats to everyone on for completing your first day. It might get rocky the next few days - please hang in there!  You are off! It will get better and better, I promise!