Prepare for your cleanse

Preparation is essential. In order to yield the detoxifying results that Thrive is designed to give you, you will need to wean yourself off of some of your usual indulgences a few days prior to your first day of cleansing.The more you prepare for your cleanse, the smoother your transition will be.

Most of us suffer from dehydration. Thrive will help you rehydrate and feel energized. Here are some tips we recommend begining 3 days before your cleanse:

  • start each morning with a cup of herbal tea or warm water with lemon.
  • drink lots of filtered water all day.
  • cut out caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and soda. Try to avoid dehydrating drinks like alcohol and soda.
  • Add fatty acids such as flaxseeds to your salad and soups.

In the 3 days before you begin your cleanse, we recommend that you stick with a wholesome and fresh diet. You can use extra virgin olive and coconut oils, spices, and lemon to flavor your meals. If you need extra protein, focus on seeds and nuts. Try and avoid: meat and poultry, refined starches like bread and pasta, dairy and egg products, and sugar

3 Days before
Phase out red meat and focus your diet on steamed or poached fish, veggies, soups and salads.

2 Days before
Focus on green salads. If you’re craving something hearty have brown rice, yams, sweet potatoes and avocado.

1 Day before
Try to have raw or lightly steamed vegetables

Your goal is to eat as clean as possible. No one is keeping score, so do the best you can and listen to your body. Feel free to use fluid alternatives such as coconut water and almond milk.