Cleanse Instructions

When you begin your day start off with some water with lemon to wake up your system. Have a drink, in order of numbers, every few hours. Included is one herbal detox tea to enjoy anytime throughout the day. Make sure to keep flushing your system throughout the day with water, coconut water, or green and herbal teas. Try taking some liquid in every 30 minutes, this will keep you from feeling hungry. At the end of the day make sure to take your aloe vera pill, this keeps things moving.

A little hungry
If you just need to munch or are really hungry try: a quarter of an avocado, a few celery stalks, a couple slices of cucumber, warm vegetable broth, or drink half of the cashew nut milk in the a.m. If you need some inspiration or want to spice up your drinks, check out our Inspiration page, www.