Breaking the cleanse

It is very important that you ease back in solid foods with fruits and vegetables.

Day 1 

Gently reintroduce clean foods into your diet with a few pieces of fruit and raw or lightly steamed vegetables.

Day 2

Focus on green salads. If you’re craving some more sustenance, you may choose to include brown rice, yams, sweet potatoes and avocado.

Day 3

If you eat meat, you may want to start with lightly steamed or poached fish, with veggies.

When should you cleanse next?

A good time to cleanse is whenever you experience lack of energy, sleeplessness, anxiety, digestive problems, before and after the holiday season, or when you have simply been overindulging. We recommend doing a Cleanse once a month for at least three days. This allows your body the proper rest and recovery time it needs to stay healthy and Thrive.

If you’re feeling energized and inspired, go for a 10-day Thrive cleanse.  Clients with chronic illness such as Lyme Disease and cancer benefit from a 21-day cleanse or continue indefinitely until they are healed.

Want to kick your health regime to the next level?

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