Reboot Cleanse

You are the person who makes healthy choices in life, exercises often and believes that eating and drinking are two of life’s great pleasures. You do these things in moderation, but sometimes you feel that you overdo it and you need a kick start to get back on track. Maybe you have a special event coming up and you want to be glowing! You enjoy drinking fresh juices and eating lots of green vegetables. You have done juice cleanses before and want to experience that great feeling again.

The Reboot contains 6 organic juices: Green Dream, Lively Lemonade, PAMP, Beetastic, Tropical Greens, Cozy Cashew milk. We also provide an herbal detox tea and aloe vera supplement. The Cozy Cashew can be switched out with our seasonal soup if noted in the order. We recommend cleansing for 3-5days to maximize your health and weight-loss benefits. Our cleanses are priced per day, so choose the amount of days that  will best  work for you.