21 Day Juicing Challenge!

21 day juice cleanse logoWe’re kicking off our 21-Day Juicing Challenge with a great group! We’ll do some blogging along the way and posting here to let you know how it goes! There’s still time to join. Email us today if you want in! [email protected]



What a beautiful day it is to start a cleanse! I always love the first day!

colada greensI started the day with he Seasonal Here and Now - our Colada Greens!  I especially love this new recipe - it is so refreshing and hydrating!  I had meetings this morning and many people asked about my green concoction and when I told them I was starting a 21 -Day Juice cleanse, there were many looks of surprise. Some were dumbfounded. Usually when I share the news, people start to wonder if they could do it.   It makes them pause.

One of the most important things about starting a juice cleanse or any new health program is letting your friends and loved ones and co-workers know what your plans and goals are so that they can be supportive.  They will understand why you aren’t going to be able to go to dinners, Happy Hours, etc.   Not that you can’t attend functions with green juice in hand, but sometimes we are not feeling our best when we are cleansing and we want to keep it low-key.  Hopefully those close to you will understand.

It is always easy to get through the first day for me - I feel upbeat, excited and energetic.  Congrats to everyone on for completing your first day. It might get rocky the next few days - please hang in there!  You are off! It will get better and better, I promise!


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