21 Day Challenge - Day 9!

Feeling fantastic! Everything is going well. No big changes. I don’t feel hungry, I’m not missing food, no cravings. I have been out to dinner twice with friends where I just drank juice and water and I didn’t want to eat. I feel more alert, lighter and I feel healthy. My skin feels softer and it looks brighter. I feel like I have the juicing glow going for sure.  The one thing that happens right about now  - is the plateau.  One of the great side effects of juicing is losing weight.  It seems to melt off the first few days. Of course it is mostly water, but then the deeper you go and the more toxins you release, more weight comes off.  Now is the time that it starts to slow down and some may get discouraged.  It is all good.  Your body and your digestive system is so happy right now!  It is thrilled to be doing such a thorough Spring cleaning. More weight will come off soon - just a slower and that is just fine.  I am excited to continue! Hang in there everyone… only 12 more days!

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