21 Day Challenge - Day 18

Almost there!  Only 3 more days!  Lot’s of deep scrubbing going on!   Now that our digestive systems have had such a nice long extended vacation - our immune systems have been free to attack any toxic chemicals, precancerous cells or ailments that needed flushing out! I am sleeping much deeper these past few days and I know my body is working even harder to heal and clear out all the toxins that were deep in my cells. My dry brush, tongue brush and tooth brush have been my dear companions throughout this journey.  As you all know all elimination is good when you are cleansing- we release toxins though breathing, sweating and through our tongues. I have to brush my teeth at least 5 times a day  - which is a good sign that all of this is working!  Everyone has done an amazing job and there is now a light at the end of the tunnel! Hang in there! Feeling amazing and looking forward to a yummy kale and spinach salad! 

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