“My cousin turned me on to green juice a couple years ago but it was never easy to prepare or obtain till now and your blends are super delicious. I travel almost all the time, have an often stressful career (litigation), raise children and love trail running/surfing/mountain bike racing too. My body/mind always feels much healthier and happier when I eat healthy. Being often/mostly vegan has been my solution and its nice to have your juices available to support a diet that serves me well !! Without the amazing mess and clean up my own juicer creates and demands. Your recipes are particularly delicious and refreshing. I also admire the spirit of healthfulness, connection and joy that your website and hearts reflect. Thank you for coming downtown and offering us your magical, delicious, healthy and beautiful juices.”
Fabrice, San Francisco

“When I took my first sip of their Green drink, I knew they were on to something spectacular…I’ve been taking care of my own health for most of my life, and having tried a 7 day juice fast that consisted of carrot-apple-parsley juice everyday many years ago, I was curious to learn more about Thrive’s juice cleanse.”

“I have come to recognize when people take the time to buy quality, organic ingredients to create not only the most delicious juices around, but also that provide your body with the exact nutrients they need, so you can have more energy, shed those few extra pounds, detoxify your cells, and just feel great overall! Stephanie and Megan are two such people.”

“I would recommend this cleanse to anyone who is interested being healthier, losing weight, or just having more energy for life!”

Craig, San Francisco

“When Megan and Stephanie (the owners) first started talking to me about juice cleanses, I believe my exact words, “I’d rather die.” I love food, and while I try to be healthy, this sounded like starvation. But somehow they talked me into it, and it was nothing like what I expected. I was never hungry, and the juices tasted great. The green juice is by far the best I’ve had in the city, and I looked forward to the PAM juice and the nut milk everyday. I thought it would make me tired, but instead, I had even more energy to exercise and keep up with my hectic career. Five days flew by, and as this cleanse was following a trip to Paris, it was the perfect way to reset my body back into healthier eating, get rid of the bloat and extra weight from too much cheese and croissants, and feel great and energized at the start of summer. Megan and Stephanie are fantastic – they walk beginners like me through every step, and they can help the most experienced juicers challenge themselves or learn something new. Thrive will definitely be a part of my lifestyle from now on!”
Juley, San Francisco